About the NSWCFA

CFA logoThe NSWCFA, formed in 1958, is the recognised representative body for the State’s freshwater anglers, focusing on fisheries management, conservation and regulatory matters, angler access, angling ethics, animal welfare and politics. It harnesses the energy and local knowledge of regional groups and represents their freshwater angling interests to the government and to the public, and enjoys a productive relationship with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) and other government departments and agencies.

Tom's Masters Brown - Jamie StanfieldThe mission of the NSWCFA is to represent the interests of New South Wales freshwater anglers, with the aim of fostering recreational fishing in a healthy and ecologically sustainable environment for today’s and future generations.

The NSWCFA is an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit organisation run by unpaid volunteers. It publishes full and detailed notices, agendas, minutes and reports of all meetings and holds democratic annual elections for an executive committee. A copy of our constitution can be downloaded here.

The NSWCFA publishes a free monthly email newsletter (click here to subscribe) and a Facebook page.

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Member clubs and associations
New England
Members of the NSW include fishing clubs, associations and individuals. Member organisations are entitled to two voting positions for up to 100 members plus one extra voting position for every hundred members thereafter (or part thereof). Click here for a membership form.

Our current member organisations are:
ACT Fly Fishers; The Barrington Club; Bass Kempsey; Canberra Anglers’ Association; Canberra Fisherman’s Club; Central Acclimatisation Society; Central Coast Flyrodders; Council of Southern Districts Angling Clubs; Illawarra Fly Fishers; Lakeside Fly Fishing Club; Monaro Acclimatisation Society; New England Trout Acclimatisation Society; New South Wales Rod Fishers’ Society; Orange Trout Acclimatisation Society; Southern Bass Fishing Club; Sydney Fly Rodders.

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Foundation Members
Freshwater anglers are invited to make a special contribution to the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers (NSWCFA) in the interests of all freshwater anglers in NSW.

You will be well aware of the challenges freshwater anglers face in sustaining the freshwater fishery in NSW, especially regarding the preservation of angler access. The NSWCFA constantly strives to overcome those challenges but we need your financial support to meet the costs of that work.

We are appealing to members who can afford to make a small extra annual contribution to become NSWCFA Foundation Members to help meet our operating costs. Foundation Membership is just $25 per year—less than the cost of a NSW fishing licence.

Foundation Members are recognised in the NSWCFA website and in NSWCFA newsletters.

476-Glenbawn-express#002Your contribution will help meet the cost of hiring meeting venues across NSW and out-of-pocket expenses for committee members who attend meetings on your behalf (such as train, taxi, bus and parking). Your contributions will also be used for the production of our monthly email newsletters, which are sent to hundreds of members, for stationery, copying, postage, internet and telephone costs, insurance to cover the personal liability of committee members, affiliation fees to the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW and corporate return filing fees.

Click here for a form for Foundation Member payment by cheque or direct transfer, or click the button below to take you to PayPal where you can pay $25 by credit card, or pay a larger amount if you wish to make a donation.

Our Foundation Members are: Australian Trout Foundation, Damian Balfour, The Barrington Club, Bill Blair, Ken Chapman, David Connon, Richard Cottam, Geoff Davis, Fred Dunford, Dan Frogan, Peter Gibson, Kevin Kai, Peter Mason, Wayne Power, Greg Prowse, Ian Roache, Don Salter, Paul Sanders, Joe Searl, David Tinworth, Steve Tizard, Lofty Tottenham (deceased).

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Honorary Life Members
During its fifty year history some members have made an extraordinary contribution to the NSW CFA, and members have recognised their efforts by awarding them Honorary Life Membership:

Ian Andrews, Alan Basford, Dick Carter, Dr John Halliday, Percy Hoffmann, John Humphries, Roger Hungerford, Barry Jonassen, Rodney Tonkin.

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Executive Council 2018-2019
President: Don Barton
Past President: Rodney Tonkin
Senior Vice President: Peter Gibson
Vice President Region 1 (North Coast and Ranges): Vacant
Vice President Region 2 (Sydney and Central): Radge Diakiw
Vice President Region 3 (Southern Highlands and South Coast): Josh Burns
Vice President Region 4 (ACT, Monaro and Snowy Mountains): Steve Samuels
Vice President Region 5 (Central West): Vacant
Vice President Region 6 (South West): Vacant
Vice President Region 7: (Far West): Vacant
Vice President Region 8 (North and North West): Laurie Muldoon
Honorary Secretary and Public Officer: Radge Diakiw (acting)
Honorary Treasurer: Don Salter
Environmental Officer: Gary Bickford
Newsletter Editor: Peter Gibson
Website: Peter Gibson
Delegate to RFA of NSW: Peter Gibson
Observer to DPI NSW Trout Allocation Committee: Peter Gibson
Delegate to Gaden Trout Hatchery Management Committee: Peter Gibson
Delegate to Snowy Lakes Strategy Committee: Peter Gibson
Honorary Solicitor: Stuart Beal
Promotion Officer: John Robb

Click here for contact details of committee members.

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The Council meets on a quarterly basis, with delegates from local clubs attending from all over NSW. Managers from the NSW Department of Primary Industries and other government departments and agencies also attend the meetings. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November commencing at 9.30 am.

Working meetings and video hook-ups of the executive committee are held in between quarterly meetings.

Meeting information
The August 2019 quarterly meeting and AGM of the NSWCFA will be held on Saturday 17 August 2019 at the Freeway Hotel, 115 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064.

Minutes of the most recent quarterly meeting (May 2019) are at this link.

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Contact details
For general enquiries email info@freshwateranglers.com.au

For contact details of the executive committee click here.

NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers
PO Box 537
NSW 2021 Australia

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Other organisations and links
Fisheries NSW (for regulations, licences and general fishing information)

Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW (organisation representing all recreational fishers in NSW)

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